Birds Of Paradise Hollow Square Candle Holder

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The light from a single tea-light softly illuminates the designs embellished on the Paraffin Wax Candleholder using Acrylic Paints. They sit beautifully on a wooden base. You simply keep replacing the tea-light and the candle holder itself does not melt.

Shruti Saha
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The birds-of-paradise flower meaning includes joy and paradise. It is native to South Africa. This candles, when lighted, creates a peaceful environment that adds beauty to its surroundings. Milky White hollow square candle with a wooden base. It comes with t-light and is packed beautifully with a net and then put in a gift box. Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 6 (inches)


Clean with soft dry cloth. Do not use abrasive, This product is hand crafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

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